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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day Numero Dieciocho:

So seeing how our trip is beginning to wind down, this morning we decided to arise extra early and watch the sun rise. A few of us made it to the roof by 5:45, however the clouds that were in the sky didn't exactly burn off by the sun decided to appear. It was fun being there with every one watching the sun [attempt] to rise. We sauntered back downstairs by 6:15 and climbed back in bed. Seeing how I am the type of person to not be able to go back to bed, I went back downstairs and took advantage of the glitch free internet. The owner, Judy, was kind enough to feed a couple of us before breakfast and we headed back to our rooms for a little nap. After everyone else ate, we headed out to the Darwin Research Center. While there we got to see Lonesome George! I am very sad to say that we were some of the last people to ever see Lonesome George alive. Tonight we learned he had died we were all in shock, first of all, and then very sad. Who would have thought we would be here when he died? He's been at the research center since the 70s! It's weird to think we saw a species go extinct...but enough of the sad things. After we left the research center we headed back to our hotel and had a little swim break. We then went to lunch and then made a hike to Tortuga Bay. At Tortuga Bay we walked the length of the beach and made our way to a swimming lagoon where we stayed for a few hours, just hanging out and having some fun. We buried our leaders, each other, and even ourselves in the silky, white sand. After everyone was all swam out and a little sleepy so we headed back into town. We showered off all our sand and headed into town for dinner. If you hadn't already noticed, our schedule kind of revolves around food. I have never seen so many people, myself included, eat so much in three weeks. It is definitely a remarkable sight to see all of our food devoured in t-2 minutes. Enough about food and the amount the nine of us can put away, after dinner we ate some much deserved ice cream to properly mourn Lonesome George and then came back to the hotel. We came back early and had to compile all of our photos into different categories for both Memorial's photo credits, but also for National Geographic. Tonight we must pack because we head back to the mainland and bunk down for the night in Quito before we head back HOME!!!! This trip has been absolutely incredible but it will be very sad to say goodbye. We are going to have some last minute bonding so ta-ta for now.

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